terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

With a word

With a Word, castles fall down in their mighty foundations.”

Authentic anonymous poet

Here, now and forever! …

Gathered information
Lost in translation

Moments of truth
Clarity of mind
In a troubled time
He got lost

Where is the traveller
To take him home?

Where is the road
That makes him come?

Where is the crossroad?
That forgiving tarmac,
Highway to the sky
Of our greyed soul?

We’re wondering in nights
Wishing never becoming days
So we never understand
What’s really going on…

Games played
Half lies, half truths
Said and done

Hidden closets
Waiting for the right moments

Wanting not to loose
So victory is a certainty

He’s in the middle
Of this half night

Lights hang upon heads

Eyes that don’t see
Will not want to see
But forced to see.

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