terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

I feel...

I feel you
You are right there
I want to know you
Don’t shut me out

Your awkwardness
Only sets me more on fire
We’re bonded together
In this universal chain of events

There’s someone there
Looking, waiting
Wishing and perhaps
Already tasted
But you are pure fire

I’m willing to lock you down
Right inside of me

You’re already there
And you know it
But events, moments passed
Past tense to the future
Might enclose the open door

Windows, glass view
And untouchable spaces
Imprison love in its all

Love, Oh! Love
Life, Oh! Life
Birds, little nightingales flying
Hovering slowly over the flower
Your flower
My honey
Our nest

Is it all only in my chest?

Beauty is a beast
Freedom is a conquest
As long as you’re free
You’re desirable

City of sin, body of light
Eyes laughing at every word
Humming feelings hidden
In touchable untouched hands.

Close your hands on my soul
Grasp my momentary lapses of reason
And asleep your senses to my
Unbecoming wishful desire

I wish I could only be free
Of what the world reserved for me!

Natural lover
Love naturally others
You in particularly

Earth of my seed
Seed of my love
Love of my earth

I’m becoming you
You reason my footsteps
You make my daily routine
An outstanding realization

Each time the wind goes by
Moving my hair
My sense of smell
Blinding me to the perfume of nature
Surrounding me in mute ecstasy

Your face binds with nature
Becoming so beautiful
So out of the ordinary
So without shape and form
Simply existing, being,
No ability to draw in thought

What a powerful thing
You are me
And I’m the universe

Are we gods?
Are we the ones who carries
The seed of change?

I really think so

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