segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

Seagulls hover over me!

I stare at the sky as it clears
Moments of an extraordinary calm invades
As I become unaware of myself

I distant from me and from here to nowhere
That cold sweet warm breeze just eases me
And my inner terror dreams
Of being together alone with me

I sat down in a cloud
Taste it’s softness like baby skin
That cozy tenderness of touching…
But where to touch but in a dream?

No matter now
The dices are rolling
As I stand here comfortably nesting and lightly asleep
Hair over wind and face

Linger and links all over
Images and pictures everywhere
Every face every smile a window
Every whistle a call of duty

Where’s my duty?
Where’s my beauty?
Why it became so naughty?
Now I’m nothing but broken pottery!

The gathering
That missing piece in the chain of Universe
Lost in a turn of time…
My mistake your loss

Why did You allow it be?
Am I not your warrior?
Or is it just because of it?
No love, full commitment…