terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

With a word (complete)

“With a Word, castles fall down in their mighty foundations.”

“Rather live a lie in peace than a truth at war.”

Authentic anonymous poet

Here, now and forever! …

Gathered information
Lost in translation

Moments of truth
Clarity of mind
In a troubled time
He got lost

Where is the traveller
To take him home?

Where is the road
That makes him come?

Where is the crossroad?
That forgiving tarmac,
Highway to the sky
Of our greyed soul?

We’re wondering in nights
Wishing never becoming days
So we never understand
What’s really going on…

Games played
Half lies, half truths
Said and done

Hidden closets
Waiting for the right moments

Wanting not to loose
So victory is a certainty

He’s in the middle
Of this half night

Lights hang upon heads

Eyes that don’t see
Will not want to see
But forced to see
You and perhaps me
In a triangle of lost hope

It had began
In a sudden and awkward
Timeless time

Reasons and facts mingled

What happened then?
Why didn’t he see?
Why didn’t he suspect?
Why did he take it all in
Not even doubting?

Everything as his reasons
Everything happens by destiny

Friends are near
Disguised as true holders
Of others despair

He wants you
Mighty queen
He feels you want him
Strong king

Don’t let go of him
Don’t let him go

Don’t cry then
Tears of sorrow
For what you could have done

The string is nearly
Fully stretched
Almost at the breakpoint

Chances are open
If heat is added
And then cold poured
So heart and mind
United and powdered
In baby tan skin
Arises comforted and peacefully numbed

He talked me
He mumbled words silently
Almost like crying
“Please… hold me… hug me…”

Hum!... Hum!...
Am I the arch-angel?!

Does he feel you are an angel?!

Are you an angel?

From what sky come you?
From up above
Or from down below?

He said
“I want her, no matter what!”
“Angel or devil,
Beauty is beauty no matter what!”

He’s right…
He’s dead right!

You must say the words
And please the soul tormented

Ease his sorrow
Say what you feel
Allow your self to live
If life is able
In your heart and soul

Get freedom and give freedom

You hold the keys
Use them
Give happiness
Where there is a burned field

Unchain the door of perception
Complete the half words said

Is it really what you think?
Or was it a lapse of lips
Said without the power
That those words closed in?

You must say the words
Say them now
Or shut forever
Loosing the keys
To the hydra’s gate guarded hall

This arch-angel is about to leave
This dragon don’t fight

Behind the true force of his wings
And the heat of his breath
He got dazzled
Confused and hesitated

Was he pushed back?
Or was he just tested in his convictions?

It's time
Time of full words

Say it now, loud and clear
Should he stay near?

“Girl you got to love your man
Take him by the hand
Make him understand
The world on you depends
Our life will never end
Got to love your man

The great poet said

It is your time now
Hold it, don’t deny it!
Don’t deny him
Or set him free!

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