domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008


I dived in your eyes today
That bluish colour just in witched me
I'm staring at you
Though you're not here
You hover above like a cloud
Driven by the winds created by my thoughts.

You came to me like a whisper
Moaned by the silent night
The sound of your unheard voice
Hammers my head like a tingle bell
Smooth and quieting.

I wish you were here
Like water to the thirsty
Making me wonder
How it would be.

Come and come
Don’t feel like you’re aside
I’m someone I’m not anyone
I can come like the tide
Embracing you in a gentle hug
Making you loose your anger.

Don’t fight but don’t let go
Be you and only you
And everybody will know
That you mind.

Allow the sun melt that cover of snow
Build around your warm heart as a sign
That you’re still alive.

Cry out loud to the one by your side
“Make me happy or other wise
You’ll be looking at an empty space
Dragged by your own hands
And in place of my heart will be a shallow hole.”.

Make a stand
Free your self from the chains
That keeps you sorrow
Make a move
Fly high with the eagles
Be them and let them be you
Like a dream come true.(read this through your eyes, your feelings and hopes, and you’ll find me…)

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