domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

The rowing man

Misty skies
Lives that are lies
Smiles that disguise
The pain we all fell inside.

The boat is coming
The rowing man sings
Words of encouragement
As he approaches
The terminal point.

Time stand still
Slow motion frames
Passes by like a bad picture
And the rowing man sings
Lives are not lies
Smiles don’t disguise
The pain we all feel inside
Through this misty skies.

Time is not yet ours
Another tour is being made
The rowing man don’t get tired
Eternity is his measurement
And he’ll return
But not now

Truth is life
Pain is no longer inside
Life is to be lived without lies
There’s no longer misty skies!

1 comentário:

elisasilrib disse...

A sad poem ...
For more than in costs, pain is part of us. Weakens the soul, hitting the heart. The pious lie is harmless. But a big lie is ... fatal. Who gets involved in very lie, late or never leaves it.
This poem is the mirror is rich in your heart.
D`ont give up! I am here!